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Well what can we say?! Today is the day before our big  Sign Up Gig and we are soooo excited, but a bit nervous!

Tomorrow we are going to be arriving in Covent Garden early in the morning to do all the final preparations. There’s loads to think about – the stage, our special celebrity guest, whether or not it's going to rain.... (please, no!)

We'll be at East Piazza, Covent Garden and the event starts at 3pm

As you know, tomorrow we're attempting to set a new world record for the most organ donor sign-ups in an hour! Pleeease come down and sign the register - we need you!

We're also planning on showing people what a difference organ donation makes to people's lives by getting recipients to go up on stage and say a few words about their experience. We have spoken to loads of people who have had life-saving transplants, but until they actually turn up there tomorrow, we're not going to feel relaxed. We need 20 transplant survivors to turn up.... eek!

We're really excited about our special celebrity guest too. We can't tell you who it is exactly, but it' s someone who's been really supportive of your campaign so far :) Come down and see for yourself...

So remember guys - world record attempt, special celeb performance, T4... and some amazing survival stories. Come and support!

Hope and Abby