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Timothy Campbell

Timothy Campbell

Social Enterpreneur

The Bright Ideas Trust

Tim Campbell might be best known for winning the hit BBC series, The Apprentice, but his talents stretch much further. After working for Sir Alan Sugar at Amstrad PLC, Tim went on to found the Bright Ideas Trust - a social enterprise which encourages young budding entrepreneurs to start business ventures, by giving them greater access to start-up finance and business mentors and advisors. The Bright Ideas Trust has Corporate and Government backing and has garnered praise from senior MPs across all political parties.

Tim is also a Cabinet Office Social Enterprise Ambassador and a Child Ambassador for London. He was appointed by Beverley Hughes, the Children’s Minister, to focus on the particular problems of the capital’s young people. Tim is also closely involved with the Jack Petchey Foundation, the ACLT, as well as an active supporter of the NSPCC and Connexions.

Tim Campbell is one of Alexander Rose’s role models – so we’re delighted he’s agreed to mentor our gun and knife crime campaigner.


STOP: Gun and Knife Crime

STOP: Gun and Knife Crime

Alexander Rose

'I was boiling inside and looked up to the sky and thought a life had gone for no rea...

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