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Paul Miller

Paul Miller

Happy entrepeneur

School of EverythingWebsite:

That’s a cheerful photo, isn’t it? Unsurprising, really - Paul has every reason to feel very pleased with himself. He’s a writer, consultant on environmental sustainability and a very successful entrepreneur, and he’s only 30. He even lives in an eco-friendly village called BedZED.

Paul’s enviable entrepreneurial brain enabled him to set up the School of Everything, an ingenious website that connects people who want to learn with people who want to teach. As the name suggests, you can learn anything there. It’s brilliant and won an award from the New Statesman for brilliantness. He also advises organisations like Orange, Channel Four and the Cabinet Office on how to be more brilliant, and writes brilliant pieces on innovation and environmental sustainability for proper newspapers like the Guardian and Financial Times. In short, he’s brilliant, and he’s come on board as a mentor to teach our campaigners how to be brilliant too.


Music for a change

Music for a change

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This is a tag cloud. It eats words, but only ones about how people want to change the world. You can click on a ‘want’ to agree or disagree. The more people agree with a want, the bigger it gets, until the tag cloud starts to wish it didn’t have eyes bigger than its stomach.

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