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Paul Massey

Paul Massey

Friendly online lawyer

K&L Gates LLPWebsite:

Paul is a lawyer, but not one of those boring ones who represent people who feel their neighbour’s fence is six inches too far into their garden. Quite the opposite, in fact: he’s a very modern kind of lawyer indeed. He probably teleports to work.

He works on stuff like blogging and social networking policies; regulating the unwieldy beast that is the internet; making sure kids are safe online; and moderating user generated content. That's why he's such a perfect mentor for our Cyber-Bullying campaign.




Al Henderson

'Cyber-bullying: You Are Not Alone'

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If you are suffering from Cyber-bullying and don't know where to turn, you can contact or Childline on 0800 1111.   There is also good advice and links here:


For a good campaign, you need a good plan!  Its a story or a journey, telling people why, how, when and where your campaign will go.   Ask people to read it, cross stuff out and tell you what they think.  Don't take offence, some of their comments will be right for your campaign, others wrong and some may need some work - the trick is knowing which!   Then re-write your plan with an Executive Summary of the 5 most important points.  If you can't communicate your campaign in five sentences, its probably too complicated for a campaign. 

Then the easy part (or not): implement your plan.  Make sure to collect feedback (from your own thoughts or other peoples') on the successes or failures of each aspect of your campaign.   If something doesn't work properly, use this as experience to find the answers.

Launch on a small scale (even if you are thinking big in the background).

Think about how to communicate the results of your campaign.  This may be through questionnaires, quotes, statistics or in other ways which I can't see because I'm not down with the kids anymore.  If you can't tell people clearly about all the good you are doing, they may find it difficult to support your campaign in the future.


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