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Al Henderson

Bullying RobotAl Henderson


lets see if that robot likes being bullied, its not nice is it mr robot.

Jez perrywinkle, 19 April 2009 20:19

Hi Al been following your campaign from the start you have our full support let us know if you need any help. John - Bullying UK www.bullyin...

Bullying UK, 15 April 2009 17:27

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Al Henderson


Al Henderson Stockton-on-Tees

'Cyber-bullying: You Are Not Alone'

My campaign

My campaign is committed to raising awareness of cyber-bullying. The key to beating the cyber-bully is to provide the support and resources to enable victims not to feel trapped, alone and completely helpless. Too many people are the victims of cyber-bullying. The message I want to send to the victims is simply this - You Are Not Alone.

My Campaign highlights

- Meeting Cabinet Minister, Tom Watson

- Meeting mentor, Michelle Acton Bond

- Meeting Holly and Max from Skins -  who want to help make a viral about cyber-bullying

- Being interviewed by the Tyne Tees Gazette

How can you help?

- Let me know if cyber-bullying is an issue you have come across

- Send me your stories of how you or someone you knew was cyber-bullied

- Support my campaign by adding a comment here or on my Bebo page

- Let me know if you know a school that would like to do a workshop on cyber-bullying



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@Sophie: Hi there Sophie, it's great to hear from you and it's even better to hear that your wanting to run a campaign similar to what I'm doing on Cyberbullying. I'd love to talk to you more about it, send me an email to [email protected] and we'll talk further. Kindest Regards, Al Henderson

Al Henderson, 28 May 2009 17:36

hey i love that you are doing this campaign and i totally understand cyberbullying as i was a victim, i just dont see wht people do this there is not much point and i know its wrongh cod' i have bullied people online before and sent nasty texts which i totally regret, and i understand fully now, and cyber bullying is wrong, my friend killed herself because of someone on MSN was bullying her alot and texting her 24/7 she decided it was to much and it makes me sick how people are bullying people for NOTHING.. everyone is the same. we are having an election next week in school for modern studies and i am backing cyberbullying, i have the same sort of campaign as you and would love to disscuss things futher prehaps? i would love to hear your side of veiws on things, kidest regards, Sophs

sophie, 28 May 2009 12:26

hi, i think your campaign is awsome, i am a youth worker and i am so concernd about how much young people are willing to say and do on the internet, and often without realising the implications. If you havent heard of it already, ceop offer training on internet safety, at its some really good stuff and resources! good luck katey xx

katey, 28 May 2009 03:29

Love the Campaign listen i have to go i hope i could dissus this with you futher. talk soon loves xD

Sophii, 27 May 2009 15:18

@Matt; Hi Matt, well, it's a piece of theatre in education to educate students in Secondary School on the effects of Cyberbullying, it's split into three main 'catergories' so to speak. There is a 'main' storyline, which shows the emotional and social effects of cyberbullying. We have, embedded appropriately around this storyline, four comedy sketchs that lighten the atmosphere and educate about what cyberbullying is and how people cyberbully. Finally, there is a presentation embedded which presents statistics/legislation/help advice etc. to give people hard facts and information on where to obtain advice. We are performing in June at two venues, the Arc in Stockton; were all the tickets are sold, and at Stockton Sixth Form College which is based on invites. Kindest Regards, Al Henderson

Al Henderson, 22 May 2009 16:28

can we get a more deets about your theatre project? Sounds really facinating.

Matt, 22 May 2009 15:05

@Bucks YAT; Hi there, thanks for coming to the website and leaving me a message! Please, so I can establish contact, drop me an E-mail at [email protected] - I dont want to disclose my mobile number over the net. @Laura; Cheers for that website Laura, as soon as I get some time in the next week; I'll have a read and leave whatever knowledge I can :) Thanks for getting in touch, great work you did in Sunderland! Kindest Regards, Al Henderson

Al Henderson, 19 May 2009 21:45

Hi Alex! Great to meet you in Sunderland. I'm sure one of us will have rambled on to you about TXT UP at some's the site if you feel like adding any tips, you must be an expert by now! Thanks, carry on the good work. Laura from TimeBank

Laura, 18 May 2009 17:19

Hi, we heard about your campaign throuhg the v 5th addition newsletter and would be more than happy to get in contact and help support you and your mission. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Bucks YAT, 18 May 2009 16:13

youre well fit

anonymous, 21 April 2009 13:14

Hi Anonymous; it hasn't affected anyone close to me, but I certainly wouldn't go as far as saying I'm a 'white knight'. Becuase of the multiple possible consequences of Cyerbullying on the psyche of someone who is affected, this is my reasoning behind running this campaign. Reducing prevelance as much as I possibly can is my primary goal, becuase of it's effects. Al Henderson

Al Henderson, 19 April 2009 20:40

'Alex himself has never been a victim himself, but feels very passionately about the issue' Has it affected someone you know then? Or are you just being a white knight?

Anonymous, 19 April 2009 20:11

hello Al, can you send me a colour photo of yourself? children and young people now want to write about you and they need a pic to go with it. please send it asap. it's great to spread the word about your campaign! thanks, jo

Jo, 09 April 2009 10:47

I just popped by to share some cyber-love towards your campaign Keep pushing forward and dont stop Kindest Regards Alexander Rose

alexander Rose, 12 March 2009 12:49

thank you for these videos u help my friends live

anticyberbulling, 17 February 2009 20:05

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