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Melody Hossaini

Melody Hossaini

Leading light of the youth sector

The National Youth Agency and UK Youth ParliamentWebsite:

Melody is walking talking proof that being young is no barrier to achieving amazing things. She’s only 23, but she’s already co-founded the UK Youth Parliament; is the first woman (and ethnic minority) to co-chair its board of trustees; and in 2005 she won the Home Office’s Volunteer of the Year Award. Wow.

She’s also got the ear of people who just might prove useful to our campaigners – she’s the project officer at The National Youth Agency, which means she teaches local authorities how to engage with young people.

Melody was picked as one of a handful of people from the youth sector to be trained by Al Gore – as in former Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize winner – on climate change. She’s now managing lots of projects about climate change all over the world, including a youth strategy that was presented to the United Nations. She’s a very impressive person and will make a brilliant mentor.


Making space for young people

Making space for young people

Angelina Munabi

'I want to see spaces set up by young people for young people.'

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