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Making space for young people Angelina Munabi

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Angelina Munabi

The Ball is officially rollingAngelina Munabi

Making space for young people

Hope it's going well hun! xX

Xanthe, 07 January 2009 13:00

Hows the campaign going?? x

Sofia, 07 January 2009 12:47

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Angelina Munabi

Making space for young people

Angelina Munabi

'I want to see spaces set up by young people for young people.'

My campaign

Young people are always saying they have nothing to do, but there are lots of spaces out there that they don’t use. My campaign is about raising the profile of spaces and facilities that are available for young people, and getting young people to go out there and use them.

My Campaign highlights

- Finding a community centre to work with

- Meeting mentor, Melodie Hossaini

How can you help?

- Tell me about youth projects in your area


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Hi Angelina, I am running the anti bindge drinking campaign and i was wandering if you wanted to collaberate with me running a clubnight at the youth centre? It would be a great way for me to get the word out there, Ive been finding it almost impossible to find anywhere that will offer a space in the evening for free, as we dont use the bar... let me know! good luck!

India, 11 December 2008 11:06

I think this is an awesome idea. this is exactly what we've been talking about in my youth group and not only this but changing peoples views of young people. i think its awesome that other people are highlighting that there's a problem that there isnt enough for youth and its great that someone else is standing up and taking action. Good luck With it and keep up the awesome work. leahx

Leah S., 03 December 2008 19:34

Good luck with the campaign. One main problem is that young people often want to get drunk (which personally I dont think is always too bad... I dont think I caused problems when I was younger) and community centers wont allow that. There used to be one by me that had Playstation, 5 a side football and DJ kits which encouraged quite a lot of people to go, except people often left after a bit to go and get drunk. Anyways, good luck!

Andy Jones, 02 December 2008 12:30


mikesmith, 16 November 2008 03:00

I love this campaign, keep up the good work

russell, 11 November 2008 17:08

this is really good stuff keep it up!

Mike, 02 October 2008 22:54

Great campaign, I agree too! Good luck & keep us posted!

Jessie, 28 September 2008 22:43

Hey this is a great campaign good luck with it!

Jaskaran Kaur, 11 September 2008 16:53

Wow I like this idea and strongly agree. Good luck!

Simon Cox, 03 September 2008 12:45


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