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John Bird

John Bird

Founder of the Big Issue

Founder and Editor-In-Chief, The Big IssueWebsite:

John's an example to us all. He had a tough time of it growing up - sleeping on the streets, in orphanages or in prison - but went on to make life a lot better for those even less fortunate than himself.

He and his friend Gordon Roddick set up The Big Issue magazine and foundation, which help homeless people get their lives back on track whilst also teaching them the ropes of the commercial world. It's an incredibly successful social enterprise, stretching from Tokyo to Totnes and helping thousands of people all over the world.

He's also a recognised authority on motivation and achievement; Downing Street, the UN and Buckingham Palace have all tapped his brain. And he's won an awful lot of awards: an MBE, the UN Scroll of Honour - you name it.

In short, he's a top bod and we're really lucky to have him on board as a mentor: we think he'll show our campaigners that, with a bit of pluck and pizzazz, you can overcome seemingly impossible odds.


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