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Jane Powell

Jane Powell

Professional campaigner

Campaign Against Living MiserablyWebsite:

Jane is a serial campaigner; she just can't get enough of it. Her entire life has been dedicated to righting wrongs: peace, nuclear disarmament, the environment - you name it, she's made it better.

Her formidable attention is now focused on reducing the suicide rate of young men. She set up CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably, and so really couldn't be a better candidate for helping our Josh with his teenage suicide campaign. We think they'll be very happy together. Which means lots of other people will be much happier too.


Teenage Suicide

Teenage Suicide

Josh McAuley

'Teenage suicide is a taboo subject. We need to change that.'

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Keep going

It’s hard work making a campaign successful.  90% of the time is hard grind, 5% of the time things are so bad and it is so bloody it saps your spirit.  But at the end of that long slog, that final 5% of the time, when your success is evident, is inspiring and compulsive.  And it drives you on again to meet the next target.

Keep a Record

Record your successes and commit them to paper.


A good idea is worth chasing, regardless of whose idea it is.


Don’t be afraid to talk through ideas with lots of different people.  And then make a decision.

Thank people.


Its people that make change.  Maintain a good relationship with everyone you deal with.  And when someone is negative, see if you can turn it around, and use that negative to help you move on with the campaign.


Keep your contact list up to date with names and contact details – if you’ve made a contact, and they’ve helped you, or can help, then keep their number someplace you can find it again.  Campaigning is also about who you know.

Being scared of what you're just about to undertake is normal.  You just have to grit your teeth and get on.


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