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Josh McAuley

Claire's storyJosh McAuley

Teenage Suicide

you are not alone. Must have taken a lot of courage to talk about this very low moment. Problem is that people forget that life can ever be...

nim, 22 May 2009 12:20

I really admire what your doing, my best friend killed herself back in October and I only wish something could have been done to prevent it....

Laura R K, 18 May 2009 15:34

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Josh McAuley

Teenage Suicide

Josh McAuley Solihull

'Teenage suicide is a taboo subject. We need to change that.'

My campaign

I'm running an anti-suicide campaign to create and promote support services for teenagers. I want to promote awareness of the issues surrounding suicide and create a better support system within schools. I feel that the media coverage surrounding teen suicides is often shameful, and from experience I know that the support system in place is inadequate. When someone at my school committed suicide no-one knew how to deal with it.

My Campaign highlights

- Putting a sofa in Birmingham City Centre and asking people to sit and chat

- Meeting my mentor, Jane Powell

- Getting comments from you about this campaign

- Putting on my campaign gig at Rainbow, in Birmingham with Little Palm and Scarlet Harlots

- Getting the support of band, Funeral for a Friend.

How can you help?

- Send in ideas of bands and celebrities who might want to support this campaign

- Show your support with comments here or on my Bebo page

- Tell me your stories of how you helped a friend in need


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Hiya im just wanting to say i think what you are doing is great and really good, ive been suffering depreesion the last few years now and it is hard but well done, im tryin to set up a campaign just like yours so advice would be graet if you could email me and give me a few tips at [email protected]. Im just 17 and its really shocked me how many people are commint sudicide ive tried 3 timers but ive a huge reliasation now so thanks xx sophs

Soph, 01 June 2009 13:32

Hi Josh. I just want to say that I'm really glad that someone is doing this. Like I've told you before, if I wasn't doing my campaign, I'd be doing yours! I've suffered with depression since I was 13/14 and it's horrid. I've had numerous bouts of suicidal periods where my lovely boyfriend and family have been all that has pulled me back from going 'all the way'. I've been through the whole system; counsellor, psychologist, psychiatrist, pills... I'm a self harm addict, attend regular appointments at the local hospital and am medically unfit for work due to my illness. I would love to help with your campaign in ANY way at all! My career goal (other than campaigning) is to be a psychiatric nurse. You're a great person and you are genuine - the world needs people like you. Thanks and all the luck you deserve! :)

Another Battlefronter (who wishes to stay anon.), 27 May 2009 00:22

Hello, If anyone is feeling suicidal or wants to talk about any issue regarding suicide, please contact the Samaritans on 08457 909090 or Mind on 0845 766 0163. Talking to someone who cares and understands is really important. you can also look at and thanks, Jo Producer, Battlefront

Jo, 18 May 2009 10:28

I am, and have been, suicidal for the past year. 6 attempts. One psychiatrist hospital. Multiple nurses, doctors, shrinks, etc etc.

anon, 18 May 2009 10:26

your doing a brilliant job. i attempted suice a number of times... i felt like i had no one to talk to. im glad that finally someone is doing something about the issue, best of luck with the campain xx

Lauren, 14 May 2009 12:32

Thanks, Josh! xxx

Jo, 11 May 2009 10:34

I like the brick idea! Go for it!

Jo, 29 April 2009 15:11

tell us all about your talk in hastings, please, Josh - you did so brilliantly and you should share your achievements with everyone. you are doing great!

Jo, 09 April 2009 10:45

I wish you every success on your mission, its very important for young adults no there is help out there for them, sadly my son hung himself just 6 years ago, its been heart wrenching as a parent and even worse watching his siblings and friends start all over again without him. He is truly missed and loved, i hope this message gives someone else strength to get help. i was told a saying on Lukes funeral day : its not the size of the dog in the fight, but the fight in the dog, god how true that is. keep strong, you are loved by more people than you realise.

A MOTHER, 08 April 2009 16:24

Hi! Well... this is the first time that I've actually looked at campaigns other than Rachel's, which I'm attached to through the work I do for her magazine, and I have to say that I think that what you are doing is fantastic! I'm from Bridgend orignially, although I don't live there any more, and what went on there last year moved me profoundly - it was horrible; speculating, and wondering, and always knowing that the next name on the news might be one of my friends... I would encourage you, if you haven't already, to get in touch with "To Write Love On Her Arms", which is an American organisation to encourage young people to speak out on these sorts of issues. Their UK contact is Olivia, [email protected], I think - although if you go to, it should tell you. Good luck, and my thoughts are with anyone going through this kind of problem... <3 xx

Amy, 19 March 2009 11:55

hi i just wanted to say that i know how much suicide affects people because my boyfriend of 9 months commited suicide it was like the world just came crashing down on me and i decided that i couldnt live without him so i attempted to take my life the attempt didnt work as my dad found me and called an ambulance and i got to hospital and had to have my stomach pumped. only now do i reallise how stupid i was and that when i thought noone would care if i was dead or alive i was so wrong. suicide really is a hard thing to come through and more support should be offered to those who have attempted suicide and those whose friends or family have commited suicide as it really is a taboo subject. x

anonymous, 15 March 2009 17:44

You have done so well.... X

Liberty Stacey, 02 March 2009 19:08

I think its amazing that the campaigners on this website take the initiative to change something, instead of continously complaining about it. There are many taboos in this world, people seem to think that in the 21st Century everything is out in the open, but issues like teenage suicide stays behind closed doors. We need our generation to be educated about the increasing problem of suicide and there should be more people that people, teenagers especially, can turn to if they ever experience suicidal thoughts

Alex Howes, 04 February 2009 16:02

Just want to say I support your campaign very much because when I was thirteen I attempted suicide twice and wouldn't have if I have the right kind of support around me at the time. I hope that in future there will be better support for teenagers no matter how hard it is to get them to open up. I think it should maybe taught more about in SE. Good Luck

Corrie , 12 December 2008 22:04

Hi Paul! Thank you for your message. If you are able, it would be good to encourage your sister to confide in you and your parents and share with you what’s troubling her. If this doesn’t feel comfortable, then Battlefront would like you to know that help is out there to support you and your sister if you would like it. There are many organisations that can help, and here are some contact details. Alternatively you could speak to your GP who could suggest services available. Samaritans Telephone Numbers In the UK dial 08457 90 90 90. In the Republic of Ireland dial 1850 60 90 90. Email: [email protected] Childline: 0800 1111

Orsi, 11 December 2008 13:16

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