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Iris Andrews

Iris Andrews

Saving the planet

European Climate FoundationWebsite:

Iris is the sort of person we all dream of being. Age 15 she started campaigning for the Peace One Day organization, got heavily involved in Greenpeace, and worked on the Great Leaders project with Nelson Mandella and Kofi Annan. 

Soon after, because she's so brilliant, she was recommended to meet a seriously rich entrepreneur who wanted to give something back to society. He put in the money to set up the Catalyst Project and got Iris, at age 19, to run it.  Basically her job is to get really rich people and really powerful movers and shakers to address the problem of climate change. And she's managed it - raising enough money to set up a foundation, and enough research to convince people that there’s a lot more work and fund-raising to be done.

In 2006, Iris was selected for inclusion in 'Exceptional Youth', an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery celebrating the achievements of young Britons. And in amongst all this she's found time to be a Battlefront mentor. Golly. We can't quite believe our luck.


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