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James Mummery

Meeting with The London PaperJames Mummery

Free Newspapers Cost The Earth


James Mummery, 27 April 2009 14:07

you did a really good assembly!

Mimi, 24 April 2009 16:24

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James Mummery

Free Newspapers Cost The Earth

James Mummery London

'If we can recycle our waste at home, why shouldn't we recycle what we use on the move? What's the difference?'

My campaign

Over a 1.7 million free newspapers are distributed in London every day. That's a lot of paper to supply the capital's demand for free news. I want the publishers and the public to be aware of the environmental impact of free newspapers and our collective responsibility to sustain our environment. The time is now to stop talking and start acting on issues that are affecting our environment.

My Campaign highlights

- Meeting the MD of the London Paper – working together to reach commuters with a recycling message

- Working with my fantastic mentors, Bibi Van der Zee, Iris Andrews, and Annegret Affolderbach

- Working up to the Launch of

- Getting Creative with free newspapers and seeing how to bring art, ethics and recycling together

How can you help?

- Join my free newspaper collection team

- Take your free newspapers home with you to recycle – don’t leave them on the tube!

- Send in ideas about an art piece we can do with all the old newspapers

- Download and read my report on free newspapers and recycling bins at different London tube stations here



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you were brilliant at that metro meeting, by the way. did you catch up on your night of lost sleep? hope so!

Jo, 29 April 2009 15:07

Hi Veena, Firstly, your project sounds great, was that James Lovelock narrating the video? In terms of getting quantities of waste paper, you can directly contact the free newspaper companies and see if they'll give you their overruns, although they sell this to recycling plants so may not want to give up their cash flow, all i can say is give them a call because they may be more than happy to help, i am not able to speak for them. Alternatively you could contact the Aylseford paper recycling plant and see if there is any paper spare that they have not been able to recycle and see if they'll donate it. Otherwise, you may have to resort to the old go on the tubes and do a collection. How much paper do you need?

James Mummery, 20 April 2009 23:17

Hi James Butterfly World Project needs vast quantaties of waste newspaper to create features and artwork for the site. Any ideaas on who we should contact? You can view our Launch Presentation on YouTube Veena

veena, 20 April 2009 16:32

No worries James - good luck with your exams, hope it goes well. I'll be in touch for future events. All the best. Michelle :)

Michelle , 14 April 2009 11:04

Hi Michelle, I would love to help out but I am afraid that the 5th is my first uni exam, but continue to let me know of opportunities and I will see what I can do. you can reach me at [email protected]

James Mummery, 11 April 2009 16:58

Hey James!Really happy to hear that you enjoyed the experience. It was great to have you helping and advising the young campaigners and we would love to invite you back again! We have a programme day on the 5th May and if you have the availability it would be great to have you on the programme. Thanks and all the best!! :)

Michelle, 08 April 2009 16:03

Hey Alex, Thanks for all your ideas, especially last monday - i completely agree with your suggestions and i will definately look to get corporates involved to incentivse recycling but with exams looming and the new website launch i think it is a strategy for the long run. I really enjoyed Start Think and Stop @ Ministry. The event was wicked, your message 'key' and the reaction fantastic. I absolutely back your campaign, it is so necessary in London right now, and across the country. And I can honestly say that i do not know anyone better to reach out to people and change attitudes. Good Luck.

James Mummery, 08 April 2009 01:35

Hi Michelle, Thanks for having me to be honest. I Love any opportunity to help other young people reach their goals and start up projects. The young people that i got to work with were a really impressive group of people and their ideas were so fantastic. It just shows that if given a chance to express themselves, young people have very defined and caring opinions on many social issues. Please stay in contact, I would relish the chance to work with more young people.

James Mummery, 08 April 2009 01:29

Hi James!!I hope you are doing well. We met recently at Imperial Wharf, where you were an advisor for the campaigning session with our young pupils. I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help on the Programme. Your campaigning advise was really useful for our young campaigners and we really appreciated your time. We have some future dates coming up in May, let me know if you have some free time and would like to get involved in the sessions. Thanks!! Hope things are going well. Michelle :)

Michelle , 06 April 2009 12:04

Hi James, Its Alex from the STOP campaign, I love the idea of the website where people can actually get involved and make recycling fun. I just keep thinking "how can we make it more of an incentive to encourage people to recycle?" like i remember in america you can gain money back from the amount of recycled cans they collect and bring back, - How could we possibly bring that scheme over to england ? - could it be a system that is linked up to tube lines and you get a free ticket per 100 newspapers you recycle (I'm just thinking out loud here) or could we link it up to big businesses that are doing alot to recycle and get discounts in various stores as a result of recycling its always easier to change attitudes by giving people little treats for doing the right thing to begin with hope my midnight ramblings help Thanks for coming down to the Start Think and Stop event

Alexander Rose, 28 March 2009 00:36

well done for winning the election - that green nail polish did the trick,eh?

Jo, 08 March 2009 19:31

*To Leo* Thanks Leo, well i feel i can answer a few more questions: 1) Tube Lines and Metronet do recycle at the terminal points (at least I am certain of the former, haven't investigated Metronet yet) so this is really good. In the case of Tube Lines they then collect the money from selling recycling to go into a CSR fund that they give to charities and volunteering staff. A really good policy, amazing in fact, in my opinion. The key for FNCTE is to pursue network rail and the mainline train stations to put recycle bins on their overground pplatforms whilst also support the trails of on-platform recycling bins on some tube platforms at current. 2)In terms of those recycling ads you mentioned, although they may have limited impact, to engage the public with the message of recycling, a series of complimentary strategies are required. The new initiative we have agreed with thelondonpaper is a step on that path and we hope to enagge the public over the course of the next few months with more and more reasons why you should recycle your free newspaper. Ranging from fun and incentivised messages, to hard hitting factual campaigns. Thanks for the offer of help, i will be in contact very soon. Also, I am organising the Age of Stupid volunteering for the 13th March to collect the energy sources for the premier tent so if you are around that day then come along. Hope you're good, James

James Mummery, 04 March 2009 09:01

*To Aimee* Thanks!!!

James Mummery, 04 March 2009 08:48

heyyy james ye was lovely to meet up the other week going back there again this weds to meet with chris arnold and creative orchestra again :) the one i have at the moment is from starbucks i bought it around christmas time because was sick of my other one which kept leaking so its got a christmassy outside! it looks just like a normal flask, its quite tall and slim and has a clip lid which doesnt leak at all. it also stays cold on the outside even when the drink is boiling unlike some others which actually get quite hot! hope that helps aimeexx

aimee nathan, 03 March 2009 00:11

Thanks a lot for your excellent reply James. I am very reassured that you're on an increasingly well thought out mission here and for that I am extremely grateful. I find the ads in the London paper asking people to take away their paper and recycle it utterly infuriating. How about proposing to them that instead of wasting advertising space on ineffectual and wrong-headed entreaties with pictures of Giraffes being submerged by rising sea levels (I ask you), they sell that advertising space as usual but ring-fence the revenue to pay for more recycling by Metronet / Tubelines staff? Just a thought. I know that as waste-streams go, what comes out of Tube carriages is uncommonly 'clean' and already differentiated; it must be 90%+ newsprint, which is a valuable commodity in the recycling business. I feel that this point of collection - termini - must be the most strategically effective point to focus on. People have no ownership of things they are given for free; witness the leaflets littering the pavement immediately downstream of people giving them out. Getting end-users to take responsibility for responsible disposal is I suspect almost certainly a doomed enterprise, so a different approach is probably called for. I'm so pleased you are chewing on this bone James, best of luck with making progress on it. Feel free to email me if you think I can help with anything.

Leo Murray, 27 February 2009 18:15

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