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Alex Ross

Alex Ross

Campaigning expert

The Environment AgencyWebsite:

If we had to invent our perfect mentor we'd have come up with something along the lines of Alex. He's real, though, which is a bonus.

At the moment he's the Head of Media and Events for the Environment Agency, a lovely organisation that makes the world a better place to be. Before that he ran programmes that encouraged young people to become entrepreneurs. Put those two things together and you get a brilliant Battlefront mentor.

He's going to share his experience in campaigning, something he's done an awful lot of. He helped launch the Five a Day healthy eating drive, which even most newborn children have heard of. We're hoping that, with him on board, the same will be true of the Battlefront campaigns.


You smoke - I choke

You smoke - I choke

Zander Percival

'If you put a kid in the car with second hand cigarette smoke, you are basically kill...

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