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Holly Shaw

When the call doesn't comeHolly Shaw

The Gift of Life

holly i watched your programme this morning although i am alreadya signed up donor i must say being a great lump of 49 yrs and 6ft 2 i was m...

neil murphy, 19 March 2010 06:21

Ive just watched ur battlefront campaign (repeated at 4.15 this morning) - im wainting on a major operation on my knee & have trouble sleepi...

Michelle Canny, 19 March 2010 06:14

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Holly Shaw

The Gift of Life

Holly Shaw

Did you know that 1000 people die every year because of the shortage of organ donors in the UK?


I'm heartbroken to announce that Jessica Wales, who featured in my Battlefront Programme, died peacefully on Tuesday 12th Jan, with her family by her side.

She was just 20 years old and had received her double lung transplant a couple of weeks earlier. Unfortunately, the wait had been too long and her body wasn't strong enough to cope. She had been awake following the operation and was aware that she had her transplant; she got her dream that she had been waiting for 4 ½ years but sadly, she will not be able to live it through due to major post transplant complications.

Her death won't be in vain. During her time waiting, Jess inspired thousands of people up and down the country through her campaigning, incredible attitude and passion for life.   She touched everyone's lives that she came into contact with.

We became close during and after the filming of Battlefront and I will always treasure the memories I have of her. I am so proud to be able to call Jess my friend.  We had made plans together for when she got her call, the things we would do...

Jess' wait was just too long and I intend to make her proud by continuing my work with the Battlefront campaign and the charity Live Life Then Give Life. We were both advocates of the charity, trying to change the world of Organ Donation, so 3 people a day don't needlessly die like Jess.

Of course my thoughts are with her family and everyone who knew her at this sad time.

"The stars that shine the brightest burn the fastest".

Rest in peace beautiful lady...  you can breathe easy now. Thinking of you every day & Love you always, Holly x

PS – I promise to be less of a kidney person now Jess x

My campaign

My campaign will raise awareness of organ donation and encourage more people to think, talk and do something about it. By educating people, and clearing up common misconceptions about Organ Donation, I hope to get more people to sign up to the Organ Donor Register and potentially save and transform the lives of others like myself.

In 2005 I went on the kidney transplant waiting list after a sudden illness caused kidney failure. I was kept alive by a dialysis machine which I was attached to 3 times each week, and was put on the waiting list for a kidney transplant. For many others on the waiting list dialysis isn’t an option – for them an organ transplant is a matter of life and death. Waiting was tough! However I have been lucky and recently received my gift of life, but for others this is not always the case as there is still a major shortage of Organ Donors in the UK.

I am determined to keep campaigning and fighting for the people still waiting on the transplant list.

My Campaign highlights

- Getting words of support from Gordon Brown on the number 10 website, here:
- My campaign being the second most retweeted tweet in the world on April 7th!
- Putting on my Donor Day and getting thousands of sign-ups to the NHS Organ Donor Register
- Working with Oli Barrett and Amy MacClaren – my inspirational mentors!
- Appearing on GMTV

How can you help?

- Get in touch if you are affected by Organ Donation and Transplantation and want to join the campaign
- Sign up to the organ donor register by clicking on the image below
- Watch the video I've made that shows the big difference organ donation can make in someone's life by clicking here

Join the Organ Donor Registry


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i watched you this morning on battlefront on c4 iv signed up im almost a grandad to you well neally 40 iwas so impressed with your strenth ya make me look like a pussy im guna get everyone in pub to sign up later you are a real fighter with heart of gold if kids av got someone to look up to you kood be world leader keep well and all best

martin brook, 19 March 2010 07:30

Hi Holly, my husband celebrates 10 years with his transplanted kidney on Sunday 14th March. It definitely saved his life and I'm now the chair of our local hospital Organ & Tissue Donation Committee. We will be spreading the word as much as possible to get people talking about donation, especially with their families. Great campaign Holly; congratulations and lots of good wishes for the future. Val

Val Lea, 09 March 2010 14:01

keep trying

gavin , 14 January 2010 13:46

I agree with your campaign :D I have already told my parents I am donating my organs and im only 15. After im dead I won't be needing them so its only fair someone else should have the chance of a better life.

Dean Bain, 05 November 2009 12:01

Thanks Bob, Have replied... fab idea wasn't it, I can't take the credit that was Steve and the Designers at Dave! Fab guys! Best wishes

Holly Shaw, 26 October 2009 21:08

Thanks Holly, e-mail sent. By the way, I thought the idea of linking the time it takes to make a cuppa with how long it takes to fill in ones details was inspired. Also, Congrats to the Battlefront Team for highlighting this and the other issues we watch on the TV.

Bob, 26 October 2009 20:37

Ye I don't have control over the settings on the page, thats the team at Battlefront and the website team Bob. Thanks for the message, I don't have your email address as that info is not given to me, you just have to enter it to leave a comment. Feel free to email me on holly @ lltgl . org . uk (No spaces). Thanks

Holly Shaw, 25 October 2009 21:22

Hi Holly, I saw your program the other day and was very impressed with what you were able to achieve. I have been on the organ donor list for years, I dont see why people have a problem with it. I also have an idea that should help the numbers grow on the donor listing. It's too long to type it all out here. Please feel free to contact me and I will send you the idea via e-mail.

Bob, 25 October 2009 21:11

Thanks so much for all your supportive comments they are much appreciated! It's great to hear that people have signed up because of it, it spurs me on to keep doing what I am doing! x

Holly Shaw, 23 October 2009 12:40

i totally agree with your campaign holly, your doing this country proud, i give blood on a regular basis and after watching your campaign on channel 4, i signed up for organ doning as well. i wish you all the best in your campaign and just know that im behind you all the way! xD

Gareth, 23 October 2009 10:53

I saw you programme yesterday and think that your very brave woman and that your doing an amazing job :) Im already an signed up as an organ donar have been for since i was around 16 im 30 now. Beacause of your programme though i persuaded my mum and sister to sign up too and will be bugging my mates to get on there ! I just wanted to let you know :) Take Care xx

sarah richardson, 23 October 2009 03:02

Hi Ronan. If you sign the register, you agree to your organs being donated to save up to 7 people who are waiting on the transplant waiting list... no organs are used for research purposes. I quote... "Organs and tissue that cannot be used for transplant will only be used for medical or scientific research purposes if specific permission has been obtained from your family." ( I hope this helps you with your query.

Holly Shaw, 22 October 2009 19:51

Hello, the best way to get people to donate their organs is to legally promise that organs go to actual people, instead of medical students cuttin them up for fun or biologists playing around by adding drugs and enzymes to them. People would be happy to donate organs to science if universities or governmental organizations paid for them.

Ronan McHugh, 22 October 2009 19:21

Hi Holly I watched your programme this morning and would like to congratulate you in your immense efforts. I had a kidney transplant 18 years ago and is still going strong. It made me proud that you are doing so much for people who are desperately ill. I wish you all the best in your endeavours! Harj

Harj, 22 October 2009 14:21

hello just watched the programe on tv this morning . I hope the campaign makes people relaise and comeforward to donate i for one am signing up at the moment to be a donor watching that today made me relaise how many people need help. hope you are well & take care Lauren x

Lauren , 22 October 2009 11:47

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