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Stress and Strain of School Laura-Liz Partoon

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Laura-Liz Partoon

Stressed For SuccessLaura-Liz Partoon

Stress and Strain of School

Wow! Great film! Really inspiring and entertaining for your cause!

Lizzard, 24 April 2009 01:04

great film!

Jo, 09 April 2009 11:12

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Laura-Liz Partoon

Stress and Strain of School

Laura-Liz Partoon Staffordshire

'A lot of students don’t feel that they have anyone to talk to if they feel stressed or pressurized.'

My campaign

My campaign is to promote and improve the mental health and wellbeing of students. I’ve seen friends go through the pressures of school and drop out of courses because of stress. I’ve seen other people stay on but suffer from depression because of the stress of all the work. I think there needs to be a system to help young people cope.

My Campaign highlights

- Getting a counseling service in my own school

- Meeting mentor, Esther Foreman

- Getting my own website up and running

- Getting 3 MPs to sign up to my Facebook group

- Winning the Princess Diana award

How can you help?

- Download my action pack if you want to fight for counseling in your school

- Look at my website

- Leave a comment on Battlefront or Bebo page

- Tell me your story about how you felt stressed at school



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Philsophy. Rule utilitarianism. ;) Whey

Antt., 26 November 2008 11:25

Hi Everyone! Thank you for the lovely messages! :) its great to know theres so much support for the campaign... to Jess - Good luck with your campaign idea, and I hope you are getting better :) Many Thanks and Best Wishes to you all! xx

Laura-Liz Partoon, 01 October 2008 08:03

I'm so pleased to see that you've taken your "Campaign for Change" on to such great things - keep up the good work and keep the team at ESSA posted on your development. I look forward to seeing how it progresses!

Raj, 30 September 2008 16:16

just submitted the exact same idea lol! it needs to be done, i suffered from depression through my GCSE years at school and its showed from my results this summer. there needs to be more awareness of young people's mental health. good luck with it!

Jess, 30 September 2008 01:17

Hiya bbz, Good luck with ya campaign, sounds great... hope ya get wat ya want! :) i knowe you'll do it, cos yur ace! :D

danni!!!, 24 September 2008 16:27

Good luck with the campaign, hope it all goes well. I think it is a very good idea, and it will help alot of students.

tails, 02 September 2008 21:57

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