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More money for my time please Rachey Betty

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Rachey Betty

Getting a response from MPs - hmmmmRachey Betty

More money for my time please


Rachey Betty

More money for my time please

Rachey Betty Newcastle

'The idea that a 16 year-old's time is less valuable than a 21 year-old's is frankly outrageous.'

My campaign

My campaign is about raising the minimum wage for under 18s. When I was 16 I worked in a restaurant for £4.00 an hour – and my older colleagues were earning £5.25 an hour for doing exactly the same job. The wage difference affected me greatly because I had left home and was paying for my own rent, bills, and food – just like everyone else. I think everyone should get a fair deal.

My Campaign Highlights

- Talking to my mentor, Adam Nicholls

- Getting replies to my letters from the youngest MPs in Britain

- Getting support from people like you!

How can you help?

- Join the British Youth Council, who are running their own campaign for this issue



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i found out that it is up to your employer even if you work for a multi national company like i do (pizza hut) your employer chooses how much you earn because i am 16 and my manger thought it was unfair i was getting paid £1.50 less then people do the same job. Although i completely support your cause.

Holly Henry-Long, 05 May 2010 19:33

Reply to Demon Lee: you can not claim that across the board, any given 16 year old has less maturity, experience or skill than a person who is 18 or more. That is comparable to saying that women should earn less than men and claiming so because you think men have more brain power, or you think they are stronger or better than women in some way. That scenario sounds as silly as you claiming that 16 year olds, who could be paying rent, bill and taxes should not be earning the same as a 18 year old with exactly the same personal living costs. it is wrong. Equality of pay, without age discrimination, would also allow those who happen to be in the difficult situation of being teen parents , who would also be willing to work jobs to support themselves, to do so, as it would be a much more financially viable option for them. Well done Rachel. A worthwhile cause.

Poppy, 04 April 2010 04:30

Hi all! It's fantastic to see so many people supporting this! Unfortunately due to uni and work commitments (and some completely ignorant MP responses which were quite disheartening) I've had to give up the campaign, I do definately intend to return to this cause in the future when I'm in a better position to devote lots of time to it. In the meantime, I'd urge all of you to write to your MP's about this and tell them why you think its so unfair-if enough of us do it they have to listen! Your time is very valuable and that should be reflected in your pay =) Thank you everyone! Rachey Xx

Rachey Betty, 21 March 2010 18:33

Sorry but this campaign typifies the attitude of modern society, at 16 when I left school and started work, I worked a 40hr week for just £25.08... and please don't use the excuse that it's more expensive now than it was in 1978, because proportionally it is CHEAPER now due to the mass production of cheap food and goods... When you have learned something, then you earn the right to earn more....!

Demon Lee, 16 March 2010 04:44

Totally support your campaign, I'm 22 and on the minimum wage, I feel like I'm working for nothing as it is, I can't imagine how I'd cope if I were younger and getting the lower rate - you may as well be on the dole! And to those who say it would discourage people from getting higher education - they should know that it isn't the be all and end all - employers value real work experience more.

Amy, 18 October 2009 20:38

Hi Rachey, I hope you are still fighting this fight, I am writing on behalf of my 16year old son, who has just left school, he wants to get a job, but becuase I myself am on a low wage due to part time work as I have 3 younger children, he receives income support of £50per week(for himself), which obviously he thinks is great, sitting about doing nowt and getting paid for it, so what incentive is it that he gets a job that only pays £3.30per hour he would have to work nearly 40 hours just to get a decent pay. They say they (16yr olds) get rent and food free, please dont think I am mean but he gets £100 per fornight, so I take £20 off him, thats a tenner a week for food and rent. He buys most of his own clothes now which is a god send, at only 16 he is 6ft2" and size 11 feet lol. The reason Im taking the money is purely to let him see how it is to live in the real world, where nothing is for free. How do I sign your petition or is it too late now, as I noticed the dates of some of your comments are beginning of this year, oh as per usual Im last to see everything lol.

Tracey , 10 September 2009 11:11

Hey I was just wondering what is your campaign? I know its sounds stupid but im pretty confussed. Is it trying to gain more money for certain jobs or like raising minimum wage? Please reply back thanks

Dave, 21 May 2009 12:05

Hi Rachey, I'm 100% behind your campaign, I've just clicked on the link to join your Facebook group and will be forwarding it to all my friends. I work in a bakery for around £4 an hour when some of my friends are earning up to £6 doing similar jobs. I work a 23 hour week, most of it on my feet all day and I'm still not getting paid as much as people that are only 2 years older than me. I just don't understand. Since the taxman takes half my money anyways and I'm trying to do a second job it's getting ridiculous. All I want is for some fair treatment here. I really hope this works out for you, I wish you all the luck in the world!

Natalie, 18 May 2009 12:19

Hi Rachy, My name is Kelly and I work for a national volunteering charity called TimeBank. I am working on a new project that we are running working with young people in Sunderland. This project also works closely with another TimeBank project Junction 49. My colleagues on Junction 49 recommended your campaign as a great example of what young people can achieve! What I'm looking for is an inspirational speaker ( maybe youif you fancied it?) to come and have a chat to my group of young people about campaigning and running community projects. If this sounds of interest then send me an email and I can give you a bit more info about the project! It would be great to hear from you! Thanks Kelly

Kelly Lewington, 08 April 2009 15:11

The majority of 16 year old may not have many financial commitments, but it doesn't detract from the fact that we are working just as long and hard as our older colleagues. I work for minimum wage, and am saving every penny for when I do run into financial trouble when I go to Uni, so you could say it pays for future expenses. Thanks Rachey, great campaign and good luck!

Louise, 07 April 2009 11:38

why do people under the age of 16 get paid minium wage when they are doin the same josb as some one the age of 20 they are getting discriminated beacuse of there age witch i dont think its right what do you think about it?

beeanncerr, 19 March 2009 13:28

Such a worth-while cause! Keep it up!! :)

Alice, 19 March 2009 11:48

I AGREE COMPLETELY! My time is as valuable as anybody else's no matter what age they are and it makes me furious when people work who are older than me get paid a pound more and spend time putting their make up on in the changing rooms!

Karla Williams, 27 February 2009 11:02's really bad...people's experiences shape them, it's nothing to do with their age! Rachey Xx

Rachey Betty, 17 December 2008 17:05

like your new blog - good to look at maximum and minimum age limits - we live in a very age-centred culture, don't we? Jo

Jo, 14 December 2008 09:05

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