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Homophobia = Zero Tolerance Rachael & David

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Rachael & David

Coming out stories - A lesbian forkRachael & David

Homophobia = Zero Tolerance

I always want to come up to my parents...but... whenever I wanna give them some hints they will be over-reacted...which makes me really worr...

FA, 15 October 2009 18:11

I had the same problem cmoing out

jacob burlington, 02 October 2009 09:58

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Rachael & David

Homophobia = Zero Tolerance

Rachael & David Scotland

'Homophobia seems to be a uniquely accepted form of prejudice'

Our Campaign

In a social education class it seemed to be acceptable to make homophobic comments when racism would have resulted in disciplinary action from the teacher. It seems that homophobia is a uniquely accepted form of prejudice. We want to do something to change this attitude. We also want to provide support for victims of homophobia.

Our Campaign highlights

- Being interviewed on Gaydar Radio

- Being interviewed by the East Lothian Courier

- Meeting mentors Rose and Rmishka

- Making short films about what you really think about homophobia

- Launching a new series about Coming Out

- Attending a Yorkshire MESMAC Residential Weekend

- Planning an offical LSC Conference in York, 'Learner Voices on Homophobia'

- Presenting a Young LGBT Learners' Manifesto to college principals from Yorkshire

How can you help?

- Send in stories of how you or someone you know has been affected by homophobia – here or on our Bebo page

- Send in comments about how you think teachers should deal with homophobia in the classroom

- Join our facebook group 'HOMOPHOBIA = ZERO TOLERANCE'

- Want to join our team? Email us at [email protected] for more info

- Follow us on Twitter- aahb

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Hi Rachael and David, I'm lucky enough to be 29, happily out and working in TV, a pretty-gay friendly industry. But it still really upsets me to hear all my young nephews and their mates routinely make homophobic comments as if it's completely acceptable. I have to combat that all the time. Being at school and gay was rubbish and I had zero self-confidence for years. I'm currently making a documentary for the Media Trust (registered charity 1042733, and actually looking for young ambassadors campaigners to take part. If you email me on my address above I can give you full details. Thanks!

Tim Hancock, 14 April 2010 17:32

i see homophobia every day but i'm currently in an open estate prison and as you can imagine with it being a male dominated place there are lots of incidents involving homophobia. i also see it on my week out(every third week) and it's usually in the town centre!

wullie wallace, 12 April 2010 22:24

kk thanx i've told one of my friends the only ,only i trust , and they dont care about me bein bi but they dont know what to do about me liking 2 people and i have fallen out with my boyfriend and im gettin closer to the girl but their is rather a big age gap for school kids. im in y8 and she is in y11. but i can say that i am bi and thanks for helpin me realize it!!!!

Peyton, 07 April 2010 14:29

Hi Peyton, we're currently running this campaign with just the two of us on a voluntary basis, so we can't always get back to people straight away- but we'll always make the effort to respond as soon as we can. Now, a lot of people find themselves in a situation like your own. The difficulty is obviously that yours seems to be complicated by liking people of both sexes. That needn't make your situation any more difficult though- liking someone when you're already in a relationship with someone else is something that's confusing and difficult, regardless of one's sexuality. We're keen to avoid advising what you ought to do in your specific situation, as we're sure you'll understand, because we don't have the right to tell you what to do. It's a very personal thing, a very specific situation, and we'd hate to point you in one direction in case it brings you problems. Your situation is one that's for you to address, and for that reason we really can't give you instructions. It simply wouldn't be reasonable. Maybe there's someone close to you you could speak to about it? We're certainly not suggesting you need suffer in silence. If you have any concerns or questions about your sexuality in general, please get in touch as that's the area in which we're trying to do all we can to help. You can of course let us know how it works out- we wish you all the best.

David (on behalf of Rachael and David), 07 April 2010 01:09

dont help then xx bbz

Peyton, 03 April 2010 22:28

Please help me????

Peyton, 02 April 2010 14:04

yeah I agree with you but I'm going out wit this lad but i'm really confused cause i like this girl

---, 21 March 2010 12:29

---, thanks for getting in touch. As you've recognised yourself, it can be really confusing when you're just not sure how to define your sexuality. You might be bisexual? Even people who aren't can have crushes on people of both sexes- don't feel you have to label yourself in any way. And remember, we don't choose who we're attracted to, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it- it's completely healthy, and it's a good thing! You probably need to give it time, you're the only the one that can say how you feel.

David (on behalf of Rachael and David), 14 March 2010 18:23

I dont really know because I really like this boy but i quite often end up thinking about girls im confused :(

---, 14 March 2010 15:52

Mr Thompson, it's great to have the support of people who are working in an environment where for so many people homophobic bullying is still a reality. Thanks for your encouragement.

Rachael and David, 04 February 2010 18:50

I came across your website via a link from "schools out" As a teacher in a boys secondary school trying to tackle homophobia, I would like to wish you all the best with your campaign and pledge my support.Keep up the good work!

Mr D Thompson, 28 January 2010 11:55

EMMET, that's brilliant- that really is our message. Just as a person's race needn't restrict their support for civil rights, and just as one needn't be female to support feminism, we ardently take the view that you don't need to be LGBT to support LGBT rights. Thanks for your support!

David (on behalf of Rachael and David), 20 January 2010 12:08

Genie Boy, that's exactly the kind of attitude we'd love more people to have- and we're massively appreciative of the great work of groups like Stonewall (whose campaign slogan that was) thanks for your support!

David (on behalf of Rachael and David), 20 January 2010 12:05

im not gay but i belive that evry one deservs equel rights

EMMET, 19 January 2010 10:49

Some people are Gay GET OVER IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Genie Boy, 19 January 2010 10:37

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