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NIk Done

NIk Done

Kindly public relations person


Nik’s the cofounder of Unity (a PR company) and really likes working on projects that have a social conscience, rather than nasty PR that’s all about spin and double-talk. She likes to think that she knows how to keep it young and cool, too, and we have to say we agree.

For example, she organised a gig in Pentonville prison to raise awareness of male suicide and managed to convince acts like Dirty Pretty Things to perform. She’s also mates with Supergrass, and has got them to play basically for free. And she’s involved with Orange’s RockCorps project that gets people to help out in their community in exchange for a ticket to a gig.

She’s also really good at making a massive impact on decidedly unmassive amounts of money. Which is something that Battlefront wants to do, too, so we were beside ourselves when she agreed to be a mentor.


Make a Big Change - With your Small Change

Make a Big Change - With your Small Change

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