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Mark Farmaner

Mark Farmaner

Lifelong campaigner

The Burma Campaign UKWebsite:

Instead of indulging in adolescent clichés such as graffiti or binge drinking, Mark spent his teenage years campaigning. He started helping out at the Non-Stop Picket for Nelson Mandella when he was 16 and by the age of 19 he was running the thing.

That whet his appetite and he’s been a professional protestor ever since: as a teenager for the Anti Racist Alliance, then for the schools and youth section of Christian Aid, where he helped to cancel world debt and reduce climate change and HIV.

Now he heads up the Burma Campaign UK – which you can read about in our Campaigners Handbook. He’s such a good egg that he took a 50% pay cut when he joined them, just because he’s passionate about the campaign. We think he’ll be a marvellous inspiration to our Battlefront campaigners.


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