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Kate Nash OBE

Kate Nash OBE

Disability rights campaigner

Kate’s one of the very top bods in the world of disability rights; she’s been plugging away for twenty years to change society’s attitude to disabled folk and is so good at it that the Queen’s given her an OBE, which means she can play with the corgis any time she likes. 

She’s been chief executive of RADAR, the leading human rights organisation for disabled people; deputy chief executive of Arthritis Care; and she advises countless organisations on how to help disabled people. Now she’s advising our campaigners, too, and we feel so honoured to have her on board that we involuntarily curtsey whenever her name is mentioned.


Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

Tom Robbins

'Giving an umbrella to someone, carrying their shopping, giving away flowers to stran...

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