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Holly Hughes and Max Gogarty

Holly Hughes and Max Gogarty

The future of British television


Holly is an assistant script editor on Skins, meaning she helps writers develop their storylines and get their scripts nicely polished up without going crackers all alone in their garrets. She also hunts down teenagers spilling over with passion and enthusiasm to contribute ideas to the show.

Max was one of Holly’s discoveries. He’s a budding fimmaker and writer – and also a student - and he looks set to blossom into a formidable talent. Together, they helped to guide the direction of the show, and made a series of online films for Unseen Skins that helped the show to win a Bafta in the interactive category. Good work, Max and Holly.

They’ve come on board to help make our campaigners’ films into miniature masterpieces, and will also grant them access to their hallowed network of very useful industry types.


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