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Gary Sharpen

Gary Sharpen

Award winning advertiser


Gary is extremely good at advertising. He's worked for a lot of top agencies; he's won tons of awards; and he knows all about how to communicate using the press, posters, TV, radio, the internet and probably smoke signals.

These techniques are just as applicable to campaigning, which is basically selling people ideas - they don't have to buy them but they do have to buy into them. So we thought he'd make a smashing mentor, especially as he already spends a lot of time helping young creative types to become as successful as he is.


Be single-minded

Be single-minded. You might want to get lots of points over but people just won't remember them all. Instead distill your message down into one memorable thought or phrase. Them dramatise this in different ways. Basically keep saying the same thing over and over but in different ways.


The I Want tag cloud


This is a tag cloud. It eats words, but only ones about how people want to change the world. You can click on a ‘want’ to agree or disagree. The more people agree with a want, the bigger it gets, until the tag cloud starts to wish it didn’t have eyes bigger than its stomach.

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