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Dave Bedwood

Dave Bedwood

Digital advertising prodigy

Lean Mean Fighting MachineWebsite:

Dave Bedwood is one of the founding partners of Lean Mean Fighting Machine, an online advertising agency. They've won a frankly ludicrous amount of awards and were voted by the rest of the industry as the best creative team working in digital advertising.

This is because Dave is young and clever, just like our Battlefront campaigners. We think they'll get along famously. Dave's going to teach them how to use the internet to get a message across properly, which is arguably something that no one else in England is better at.

He's also made the world's longest ad. It's 14 hours and 40 minutes long.


The I Want tag cloud


This is a tag cloud. It eats words, but only ones about how people want to change the world. You can click on a ‘want’ to agree or disagree. The more people agree with a want, the bigger it gets, until the tag cloud starts to wish it didn’t have eyes bigger than its stomach.

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