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Andy Powell

Andy Powell

Campaigner for better education

The EdgeWebsite:

Andy is absolutely determined to make learning a lot better. He’s the founder and chief executive of The Edge, an organisation which is all about making education more suited to the individual. So they’re big supporters of practical and on the job learning rather than memorising the periodic table when you want to look after owls for a living. Sounds mighty sensible to us.

He’s not afraid of campaigning on a massive scale. In fact, in his own words, he “relishes it”. For example, he’s started his own national day, VQ Day, to celebrate vocational qualifications. It was pretty massive: 1 in 10 people in the UK have heard of it, which is about 6 million people. Wow. He’s on board as a mentor to help our campaigners achieve that sort of fame.


Anti Binge Drinking

Anti Binge Drinking

India Harvey

‘It’s not about wasting the best years of your life at the bottom of a vodka bottle.’

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