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Alfie Dennen

Alfie Dennen

Mobile technology expert


Alfie is 95% brain. He's one of the clever people behind Moblog, a place to upload flicks and pics when you're on the move. He was able to do this because he knows everything there is to know about mobile technology.

He's also a very modern sort of activist. He created the 7/7 protest site We're Not Afraid and the Stopped Clocks Foundation, a site that aims to document all the stopped clocks in Britain - let's have a big hand and a little hand for Alfie.

People regularly seek him out for words of wisdom on mobile technology or online activism; we think he's just the fellow to help our campaigners use techniques so modern everybody thinks they've come from outer space.


The I Want tag cloud


This is a tag cloud. It eats words, but only ones about how people want to change the world. You can click on a ‘want’ to agree or disagree. The more people agree with a want, the bigger it gets, until the tag cloud starts to wish it didn’t have eyes bigger than its stomach.

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