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Adam Nichols

Adam Nichols

CEO of Changemakers


Adam Nichols is CEO of Changemakers - an independent charity and social enterprise which enables young people aged 14-25 to make a positive contribution to society. Changemakers was instrumental in getting Citizenship lessons into the classroom, and has also helped thousands of young people find volunteering opportunities and run their own campaigns.

Before Changemakers, Adam worked as Campaigns Organiser with the Trades Union Congress. His work was focussed on raising young people’s awareness of their employment rights and recruiting them into trade unions. Adam then spent two years at the National Union of Students, where he was responsible for two national government funded projects focused on student skills development. In 2001 he moved to CRAC, the Cambridge based career development and employability charity, to set up InsightPlus, a national accreditation scheme for work experience, going on to become Head of Business Development. He joined Changemakers in 2004, where he has helped to support thousands of young people with their campaign ideas.

Adam is mentoring Siobhan and Becky.


Make a Big Change - With your Small Change

Make a Big Change - With your Small Change

Siobhan and Becky

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