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Who Wants To Be A Size Zero Anyway Rachel Phipps

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Rachel Phipps

Socks & The CityRachel Phipps

Who Wants To Be A Size Zero Anyway

AWESOME campaign :D I think there's so much inaccuracy in shop sizes, it leads girls to all sorts of silly diets, just so they fit into ever...

Sarah, 27 April 2010 18:56

size zero is stupid! honestly, anyone who's got curves is gorgeous! I'm a size 16(uk) and sometimes it annoyes me but then i see those reall...

Jess, 26 April 2010 16:49

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Rachel Phipps

Who Wants To Be A Size Zero Anyway

Rachel Phipps Kent

'Who wants to be a size zero, anyway?'

My Campaign

I want to make women feel happier about themselves and more positive about their own body image. I don't want to discriminate against woman who are naturally a size zero, but I want to make sure that images of woman who are NOT a natural size zero in the media do not affect other women's personal body image.

My Campaign highlights

- Being featured in Episode 4 of the Battlefront TV series on Thursday 4th December at 11.30am

- Going to London Fashion Week

- Meeting and interviewing model, Erin O’Connor

- Putting on my own photo-shoot with real-size girls

How can you help?

- Let me know what you think about my real-size models – here or on my Bebo page

- Tell me your stories about what makes you feel good about yourself

- Introduce me to some people in the glossy magazine world!

- Read my on-line magazine Lipstick Royalty



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Hello my name is Riyanna and I am extremely interested in your campaign.For many years I have want to pursue my dream of being a model yet I dont have thee right "measurements" according to the nessecary height and weight.I would like to be the model face for your campaign for your magazine and handout etc. please contact me and let me konw what your opinion is thank you.

Reid,Riyanna, 04 April 2010 08:32

I've just started watching your show on 4od and I think its great! I'm doing something similar in my Media Studies A Level. I am a true believer that the media makes women believe that they are too big to be beautiful and its a shame :( no one can be perfect just be yourself.

Katie J, 25 March 2010 23:19

About time someone fought against this. My girlfriend is way too obsessed with her weight. She's so obsessed that I think she's begun to starve herself =/ I always reassure that I love her the way she is but her stupid brothers are always calling her names to piss her off (she's not even large; she's underweight.) Anywho, I showed her this today (she started to laugh and cry at the same time lol). I've finally convinced her, with the help of this video, to take therapy classes. Thanks. A LOT. ~Kenny

Kenny, 28 February 2010 08:56

Hi! We totally agree with your campaign and we think your great!

Rachel + Nelajini, 15 January 2010 09:43

I couldn't agree more. Girls are so desparate to be a size zero that they end up with annorexia. I want to loose weight but not that much. I'ma size 10/12 but i want to be a size 8/10. I don't think it's nice when all your bones are showing.

Jade Vu, 15 January 2010 09:41

i think what you are saying is such a world wild issue and is very fantastic

shade roach, 14 January 2010 13:54

Hi Rachel i do want to lose wieght but i dont want to be size 0 just 8/10 i only 12 and i am already size 14 so that's why and all my friends are really slim and weight like 6.5 stone or less and i weight 9.5 so i'd never wanna be a size zero cause that comes with alot of consequences i.e anarexia and such so i couldn't agree more..

Laura Hill, 02 December 2009 18:11

i couldn't agree more with your campaign rachel, i cannot understand why girls wanna be showing every bone in the human body, thats what skeletons are for, i have a full body figured fiance, shes happy the way she is and so am i, friends of mine keep trying to lose weight who are only a size 8!! we just talk them around and try to stop it, so i showed them your campagin on channel they love eating 3 meals a day, so thank you loadz for showing people that you can be beautiful without being a twig, i am completely in support of this campaign. Keep it up chick, doing an incredible thing for this country XD x

Garth, 23 October 2009 11:07

Hi Rachel, I saw your campaign on tv a while ago but only just managed to get around to coming here and reading all about it, I agree that we all do not need to be a size 0 and we should all have a positive body image too because there's nothing worse then feeling like crap when you look at yourself in the mirror. The media is the main problem for this they accentuate the actors/actresses, dancers, singers but most of models to be thin to be small to have next to no fat on their body, this in turn affects how people in their day to day life see themselves, I have always been above the average size 10 I am a size 16 now after having my child but before that I was a size 14 and felt that a lot of clothes in the high street stores were not designed for anyone above size 10 this made me feel awful, it made me feel fat and ugly. After having my child it made me realise you don't have to be twig thin or a stick to look good all you have to do is have the confidence within yourself that you are beautiful. No matter what size a woman/man is they shouldn't get judged on how they appear they should be judged on who they really are :) Thank you for raising awareness and affecting so many people's lives with your campaign, not only am I sure you've affected the way people see themselves you've probably changed they're outlook on life itself :D Keep up the good work

Nikki, 22 October 2009 17:34

Well done lady! Up til now it's been only the older generation saying we're all daft to aim to be stick-thin. It's great that others have deicded "to hell with this - I'm having the chocolate fudge cake and I'm damn well going to enjoy it!". I've grown up with a healthy, Mediterranean lifestyle ande a slight weakness for good cheese. I'm also a size 12, which is considered as too large for my 5'3" frame. This push-push-push by the media as to how you should look is nuts - the Size Zero phenomenon means I've not been able to find a pair of jeans in 5 years that both fits over my hips and shrinks in at the waist. Who is it that decided that models have to be wafer-thin? If designers want clothes to "hang" off models, why not just wheel them down the catwalk on coathangers?? I work for a charity and am hoping to do a "real" fashion show with all-size models from local schools, wearing clothes made my their classmates in Textiles, to prove that glamorous is about being happy and healthy, not being thin.

Selina, 19 October 2009 11:15

I think its great what your doing, something needs to change about this. Its hitting girls so young now that its worrying. Im 16 and mainly throughout my secondary school life have grown up with my friends not eating or trying to lose weight because they think they are too big. I am a size 10/12, depending on what shops I go in, and I get the mick taken out of me for the amount that I eat. I do sport nearly every day and that is my exuse! Now the whole size 0 thing is getting out of hand and today girls are expected to be a size 8 or below and should be ashamed if they love food. Keep up the good work, we need someone like you!

Zoe, 16 October 2009 10:14

Hey Rachel. I watched your programme a few days ago and thought it was fantastic. I have myself suffered from eating disorders in the past and still struggle to this day with self-image issues. I think its disgusting what society has done to women of all sizes, in the way that we feel pressured to be a certain size and only when we reach that size are we considered beautiful. I love your campaign because it celebrates women as they are in their natural state, and REAL beauty! You go girl!! xxxx

Ashley, 16 October 2009 09:48

hey rachel. i watched your programme today and it really made me think that the fashion magazines spell out 'you should look like this' when a normal healthy girl or woman looks at an image of an underweight size 0 model. i'm actually doing a fashion ND in college at the minute and all the female manaquins are a size twelve that we work on and we got told recently that all of the high quality manniquins in the fashion industry factories like the ones we use are all size twelve and not a size 0, this doesnt make sence! so i dont understand why the clothes are created for the average woman and then put on these tiny stick thin models.i think your campaign is brilliant and its really opened some peoples eyes.

maddie, 16, 15 October 2009 13:05

Hi, I think your campaign is fantastic and I think it's not just the size of women that should be looked at - it's the whole idea that being different is wrong. This is something that girls hate and from personal experiences I've learnt that females have a tendancy to try and crush anyone or anything that looks/acts differently to themselves. The fashion and beauty industry has just strengthened this mind set. My friend and I would love to be more involved in your campaign. I am tiny at 5"3, very pale and a size 8/10 and my friend is half Iranian and a size 10/12. We have both had some experience modelling and have both been affected by bullying and eating disorders. I hope we can help in some way :) xx

Gracie, 15 October 2009 11:21

Heya, I just saw your campaign on tv and I'm so glad people are starting to realize the impact the fashion industry has on normal people. When I was at school I had a roomate who became anorexic and it was so awful seeing her waste away and still think she was fat. She's doing a lot better now though. Keep up the good fight!! :)

Sophia Daoudi, 15 October 2009 11:06

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