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Zainab Daniju

So many things to think about when organising an event!Zainab Daniju

Muslims - Normal Too

funky salaams Zainab,dont forget Luton on your nobody wants to Love Luton for some bizzare or radical reason??!! kindest rega...

shemiza rashid, 07 October 2009 13:09

Hey, congrats on getting everything together tomorrow, i will do my absolute best to come down and rock out. Should be amazing, good luck! x

James Mummery, 14 May 2009 16:19

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Zainab Daniju

Muslims - Normal Too

Zainab Daniju London

"Today it seems you're either Muslim or you're normal, I want to totally change that view"

My campaign

I’m campaigning to wipe out stereotypical ideas of what it means to be a Muslim. I want to change people’s perspectives so they realise that the word ‘Muslim’ defines a whole range of people from different backgrounds and with different interests. I'm sick of Muslims being portrayed as crazy fanatics.

My Campaign highlights

- Meeting the deputy editor of Emel magazine

- Meeting young British Muslim, Dahlia Bashar, at Google

- Meeting the organisers of the Eid Festival in Trafalgar Square

- Meeting events organiser, Kate Risker

How can you help?

- Let me know if you are a Muslim who would like to be photographed for my poster campaign – showing non-stereotypical images of Muslims

- Let me know if you are a Muslim performer who would like to perform at my festival next summer

- Let me know if you can help take photographs for my poster campaign

- Let me know if you can help with the branding and marketing of my campaign


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Hi. this is a great campaign. when is the next one? i would like to help, but am from manchester so would like to know in advance please. i would like to help take photos and help with the branding and marketing. thanks

Hirra Hussain, 28 April 2010 11:59

Would love to get involved in any way possible. I'm a 15 year old Muslim girl, wear a headscarf and would love to be photographed for your poster campaign? x

Eman Al-zubaydi, 27 April 2010 22:11

Hi, I work at Demotix and we will soon expand from a citizen-journalism news-site that enables photographers -from budding amateurs to experienced professionals - to have their stories published to a news-site that will also incorporate video footage. I have been looking through your videos and would like you to join the website. Your videos can be seen by thousands of our daily viewers and you will be part of our huge network of over 14,000 contributors. Thanks, please contact me for further info.

Gabriela, 15 April 2010 13:43

Hey Muna, Thanks so much for your message. I think you made a really good point, it seems lots of people are judged because they wear hijab. I think it's great that you were thinking of doing something to highlight this and would love to be able to work together in any way. I do not have access to the emails of people who comment on this page, so if you want to get in touch just drop me an email at [email protected] Thanks! Zainab x

Zainab, 01 March 2010 16:11

Salaam, As a Muslim I appreciate what you are doing for Muslim,and i love it so many thanks but theres many othe asspect that need to be coverd I.e Hijab which Many Girls Get Stero typed and it hurts me coz i were it to and there sudden reaction i know its not good they give look, they kiss there teeth i mean i thought this was a free contry like foollow the rules and then your fine but to me personally i feel like im just breaking the law but i obviously aint its, because of the way they look at me and others to which is very degrading anywayz Zainab Many thanks for touching down on this i was gunna do it myslef till i saw yours, anywayz reply and what you think about what i said,Thanks :D

Muna Hussein, 26 February 2010 21:36

Salaam sister. I think it's great, what you're doing. It's really good. What happened was that I was in a PSHRE lesson and they were showing us the Battlefront thing, so I saw a bit of yours. It's really good that a good Muslim who can pronounce the word "Muslim" correctly (not "Muzlim" like most people) is doing this campaign. Keep it up!

Mina, 08 January 2010 22:58

I think this is a good campaign,I'm a Christian so I understand that people sometimes think you're weird or different because of you're faith. I think it is wrong their is such bad press for Muslims nowadays,I don't think we should stereotype people just because of their faith. My church runs a Youth Encounter program which ivolves meeting Muslim young people from Birmingham having fun togetehr, and discussing our faith - which is really good as we are now quite gfood friends with some Muslim people and have learn to respect their beliefs - although we don't belive the same thing

Gail, 07 January 2010 14:59

I'm learning about the muslim culture in r.e and it is fascinating the differences and simallarities in our way of living but at the end of the day we're all human and islam is just another religion muslims aren't horrible to christians

Laura Hill, 01 December 2009 19:22

I think this is a brilliant campaign and one that is very close to my heart. It is really important to carry on doing the work that you do as it can make a big difference. Well Done.

Farah Khan , 23 October 2009 10:02

Hey Shemiza, I would love to do something in Luton, however I don't really know anything or anyone there so would need some help if I was going to organise anything. It would be great if you would like to be involved in any way or just follow the campaign. I am not able to get the email addresses from comments so if you could send me yours I can keep you informed. Thanks for the comment! Zainab

Zainab, 07 October 2009 19:11

Funky Salaams to you Zainab......hey please dont forget sunny Luton on your travels, as every one seems to forget us for some (Postive)bizarre or (remember us for) radical reason??!! We need some serious national media loving in Luton!! wishing you sparkly Duaa's and Eid greetings. look forward to hearing from you Shemiza Rashid Director/Interfaith art consultant The Creative muslim network (Made in Luton!!)

Shemiza Rashid, 07 October 2009 14:04 i love your campaign. Congratulations for doing so well and getting so far. I'd really like to get involved, where are you based? I can perform at your festivals and help take photographs and help with the branding and stuff, I can do anything you want help with reeally! =D x

Hafsah, 18 August 2009 18:38

Salaaaam, love the whole idea, it's nice to see someone takinga stand and showing people that were not all crazy terrorists who oppress women. Would love to help out in marketing or something, so feel free to email me :)

Z, 29 June 2009 21:35

Salaams - cool idea, as long as 'normal' doesn't exclude Muslims with beards and hijabs, and those who choose to wear shalwar kameez. Coz those Muslims are 'normal', too. Seems to me its the hijabis etc who are most likely to be singled out as somehow being not 'normal'!

Yakoub, 21 June 2009 13:21

would love to help with branding and marketing. tell me how.

saira, 14 June 2009 01:43

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