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13 04 12

Battlefront 4 is GO!

Following a HUGELY triumphant BF3, Battlefront is returning for a fourth series in 2012 – but this time we’re doing things a little differently… 

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12 12 11

Battlefront 2011

It's hard to believe but... Battlefront has now finished campaigning for the year. What an amazing year! We knew our campaigners were brilliant but their achievements surprised even us!

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02 12 11

Old Battlefront Campaigner Vickie's Ethical Stationery

Here at Battlefront we love it when an old campaigner continues doing amazing things, so we’re super proud that Vickie’s ethical stationery is now available to buy. Back in Battlefront series 2, Vickie, one of our campaigners, wanted to change the world by giving children in Africa the chance to be educated. Her idea was that when we buy a stationery item in this country, the profits should go to fund schooling for some of the world’s poorest children.

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02 12 11

Battlefront on T4: Catch Episode 6 on 4oD

It's on! Check out the full version of Hallelujah:Don't worry if you missed it on T4, you can still catch it on 4oD here!. Don't forget to support the campaign by following on Facebook and Twitter:

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30 11 11

Dawson's Creek - Orangutan Style!

Dawson's creek has changed. Something is different, but we're not sure what...

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