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Healthy Body Image

Healthy Body Image

Zoe Draper

My campaign is all about promoting a healthy body image. I think in today’s world there is so much pressure on young people to look a certain way and most of that pressure comes from the media. Images of super skinny celebrities are constantly projected towards young people, whether it’s through television or magazines which make young people feel that they have to reach the image of perfection that has been created. I feel that there isn’t enough in the media about promoting a positive body image which needs to change. Young people need to be able to feel happy about their bodies and themselves instead of constantly worrying about how they look. I want to change that, I want young people to be able to feel satisfied with themselves no matter what they’re size or shape is.


What do you think?

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I am 5 ft 10" tall, am reasonably fit and have a bmi smack in the middle of what is considered the healthy range for my height. I recently had my percentage body fat measured and was towards the lower range of what is considered healthy for me. So overall I am pretty much text book healthy. Now at 5ft 10" tall what would you expect me to weigh? Looking at the images of models that we are bombarded by daily you would expect me to be stick thin and a size 0, oh ok well at least a size 6? Well you might be surprised to discover I'm not even a size 10. I generally come somewhere between a 12 and a 14 and weigh nearly 11 stone. OMG you may say (given what the media would have us believe) you must be HUGE, a positive porker! Well no, I'm HEALTHY, I have some muscle mass and eat a balanced diet. I think that we have lost track of what is healthy and normal. I think that we have a growing body image crisis that has been propagated by the media that needs to be addressed. It's time we showed young girls (and increasingly young guys) what a HEALTHY body looks like!

Suzanne Nichols, 24 October 2009 13:53

It's a great advert for eating disorders. It shows exactly how people with eating disorders feel, and just how dangerous eating disorders can be .

Aiso, 11 October 2009 12:14

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Volageaplemop, 22 September 2009 05:26

Yes i think this is a great campagne, and it is right .I have many friends that are tiny and skinny, but im nnot. Sometimes i do feel really fat compred to them. But then i realise we are all different shapes and as long as i dont feel over weight i am fine . the image above is the weigh tat looks normal to me the skinny image urggh makes me feel sick

jess , 23 July 2009 11:33

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amorkaf, 22 March 2009 20:48

okay its great you dont want people to damage there bodys, its okay to say to people that there fine the way they are and they should be satasfied but what if they are actually over weight? surely we should be helping them with that. being under weight is a big problem but being over weight is too!

jo, 04 December 2008 10:21

This is a great campaign for many reasons. One of the key aspects is that many people who struggle with eating disorders also have body image disturbance. In my own experience, eating more and gaining weight is a short term solution. If the body image distortion isn't addressed the individual will not learn to love or even like their body and a relapse is likely. Please tell me how to join the campaign. So many people need help with this problem. Thanks x

L, 18 November 2008 05:03

Hi Zoe, I'm so glad somebody is finally trying to do something about the rapid rise in teenagers plumiting body weights. I know quite a few people with eating disorders and know how quickly their situation deteriates. Not enough is being done in the country to help out with those who suffer & a couple of months ago, somebody started a petition to Gordon Brown to get more funding for new eating disorder clinics to help teenagers get the quick & healthy recovery they need urgently - I hope by your campaign the priminister will actually take some of the things said into consideration. These days there are more and more different eating disorders aswell as the three mentioned above. There is wannarexia (a type of diet using annorexic methods) and many many more!

C, 28 October 2008 13:17

Hi Zoe, Greetings from Singapore. 2 years ago, a few of us here started a campaign "Food Is Not The Enemy", headed by Project WiTHIN. Our team consists of psychiatrists, counsellors, students, teachers and survivors of eating disorders. For more information about the campaign, do check out. Currently, we are exploring the possibility of having global partners and affiliates to begin a worldwide campaign. We have 2 members in Australia right now trying to start a parallel campaign them. We are very interested in working with you in every way possible. Do email us at [email protected] and we'll see what we can do. Looking forward to a wonderful collaboration! Best regards, Kwan Jin Yao Public Relations Manager

Kwan Jin Yao, 03 September 2008 13:02

I love it! I agree that magazines and TV etc put too much pressure on teenagers to look a cirten was. Like on shows like one tree hill, when everyone is "perfect" it gives teenagers the impression that they need to look this way, and if they can't then they're not normal. Good luck with the rest of the campaign Zoe!

Heather, 28 August 2008 04:52

I think this is a great campaign. i totally agree that people need to feel confident about their body and i dont think people should be put down just because of there size. some people cant help their size, and i think its unfair. LOVE YOUR BODIES PEOPLE :D

kerri, 27 August 2008 09:49

I am completely behind this campaign idea. I have been struggling with an eating disorder for years and now that i am aware of it, i have found how common an eating disorder is. Although, many eating disorders stem from other areas in a persons life, i think this is great idea.

Gena, 26 August 2008 20:30

I am a nineteen year old struggling/in recovery, anorexic and I believe that this is a great campaign. I know that body image now of days is promoted as skinny=good. It is hard for me to watch TV and shows like Americas Next Top model and the Biggest Loser are on the list of shows my therapist "recommends" me not to watch. This is a great idea.

Jacqueline, 26 August 2008 18:03

I agree with Josh, this campaign and the anti size zero campaign are very different. Whilst size zero does add to many teenagers poor body image it is not the sole contributer and changing the emphasis on size zero in the fashion industry would not neccessarily help the many people who suffer with a poor body image. I think its wonderful that Zoe is promoting a healthy body image and I would love to hear more about the campaign

Laura, 26 August 2008 14:52

Sasha, the campaigns go through a moderation period before they are posted on the site, regardless I think that this campaign differs greatly from the other campaign. Anti-size zero looks at bring about change from within an existing industry (the fashion industry) where-as this campaign aims to bring about change from within the individual. Zoe, how would you aim to bring about this change?

Josh Mcauley, 24 August 2008 12:05

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